The Qemu adventure continues

The PPA didn’t do so well on my notebook — or at least with my Windows Guest VM. It now reboots in a continuous loop. I can start it with the qemu that I previously compiled, but not with the PPA version. May try installing a Linux guest and see if it works with the one out of the PPA. That is really the only type of guest I had tried with the PPA version… Ah well, I am getting to be an old hand at installing Ubuntu… Worst case is I get to do that again.

  1. Heh, maybe I should look into the way of removing a ppa and the packages from it… But that might make too much sense… :mrgreen:

  2. With the virt-manager from the PPA, I get a “Host doesn’t support invariant TSC” error while trying to install the Linux guest. I tried again (without customizing the install to copy host CPU info), and the install proceeded without this error… Fingers are crossed.

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